If your people are saying…
“We’re no longer attracting our core customer base…”
“How can we differentiate ourselves from our competitors..?”
“We’ve loads of data, but not enough insights that are useful…”
“Our consumer insight is weak, it’s not leading to compelling brands or products…”

Intuitively translate data to insights through our flexible, elegant and creative INSIGHT training workshop. Using our bespoke tools, techniques and behaviours, this course can be scaled for an organisational approach to insight planning and problem solving. Participants leave with a heightened awareness and capability to generate and communicate compelling insights.

What we’ll teach

  • Our training is hands-on and practical; expect to work in pairs, in small groups and to spend time reflecting on your own personal insightfulness.
  • We offer examples from applied business psychology to re-enforce our creative methodology and insight generation approach.
  • We share client case studies where the tools and techniques we teach were used to generate insights that resulted in commercial impact.
  • We teach the value of incubation and combine disciplines of design thinking, engineering and social science to arrive at new and penetrating truths behind consumer behaviour.
  • What you’ll learn
    1. Your people will enhance their problem solving capability by translating data to meaningful customer understanding and behave more insightfully.
    2. Learn the power of subconscious thinking, metaphor analysis and language re-expression to capture and articulate consumer insights.
    3. Craft compelling stories that inspire creative thinking.
    4. Discover how to translate raw data into insight platforms that fuel starter thoughts for brand, NPD or internal challenges.
    5. Secure wisdom around language and process needed for insight generation.
    6. Gain deep knowledge behind the psychology and science of insightfulness and how to develop personal and collective inspiration for the future.
    7. The importance of insight for successful idea Implementation Strategy.


  • 15-20 people (ideal for an Insight or Brand Team)
  • 2 day residential course including consumer interviews and outdoor shopper missions.
  • There is pre-work and assessment to complete prior to attending this workshop.
  • We use mixture of generic business briefs and something live from your organisation to land learning.
  • Discover more about our insight training course at info@thegeniusbox.com