Recognize how to implement ideas brilliantly. A successful implementation strategy is critical to ensure ideas thrive in your business. This creative workshop combines tools, process, strategy techniques and behaviours to understand the factors that hinder ideas being successfully realised.

If your people are saying…
“We’ve got insights and ideas but we struggle with implementation strategy…”
“Our project pipeline is too rigorous, it kills fresh thinking and stifles implementation…”
“How do we balance ideas we know will delight our customers with the commercial needs of our business..?”
“We need the right strategy, process and steps needed to embed ideas in our business…”

What we’ll teach

  • We’ll demonstrate how to successfully navigate processes, systems and management politics that can inhibit project and idea implementation.
  • Our training is practical and creative; expect to work on live and present challenges from your business.
  • The implementation training course is the final piece of the creative process. Participants will teach each other some of the steps necessary to arrive at the implementation stage. We provide feedback to participants on their creative style and facilitation approach.
  • What you’ll learn
    1. Deep understanding of how to mitigate the common factors surrounding implementation failure in your business.
    2. Tools and techniques to creatively overcome those factors and arrive at ideas and plans that are strategically aligned with your internal innovation processes.
    3. A series of steps to on-board participants, stakeholders and decision makers in making ideas happen.
    4. A variety of ROI metrics by which the impact of your ideas can be measured.


  • 15-20 people (ideal for a Project or Brand Team)
  • 1 full day
  • We work on a mixture of generic business briefs and something live from your organisation to land learning.
  • Discover more about our implementation training course at