Become a master ideas facilitator. We debunk the myths of creativity and explain why brainstorms fail to deliver. We teach your people a brilliant and inclusive approach that translates thoughts into IDEAS. They will learn simple methods that create new thinking. This workshop is ideal for project teams embarking on internal and customer facing challenges.

If your people are saying…

“Our brainstorms consistently fail to deliver useful output…”
“We think we have ideas, but the quality is low…”
“We’ve completed the insight problem solving stage, but now what..?”
“We’re quick to judge around here if they don’t fit our brand…”
“We understand the ideas, but how do we communicate them around the wider business..?”

What we’ll teach

  • We debunk the myths of creativity and prove that everyone can accessibly make new connections, think creatively and have ideas.
  • We use a range of visual, physical and sensory techniques to demonstrate the way our mind makes sense of problems and arrives at answers.
  • We teach specific techniques for facilitators and participants in creative sessions.
  • We work on a series of challenges that clients have presented to us in the past as the focus of our teaching.

    What you’ll learn
    1. Process and behaviour for having, capturing and communicating ideas.
    2. A series of steps to navigate between thoughts and stimulus.
    3. Accessible methods to stretch thinking and demonstrate how to embrace any and all new perspectives.
    4. Deeper insight into the workings of your brain and how and when it helps or hinders creative thought.
    5. Facilitation skills to manage spontaneous creative sessions during a project.
    6. Feedback and ideas coaching on your role and style as a creative participant or facilitator in the idea generation process.
    6. Understand how criteria from scoping a project helps you select ideas.


  • 20-30 people
  • 1 full day
  • A mixture of generic business briefs and something live from your organisation to land learning.
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