We facilitate Strategic Planning & Vision workshops.

We align and excite leaders about their future with our energising and visual approach. Your emboldened behaviours and beliefs will transform your business. Your vision is captured in compelling and accessible way. We call this the ‘North Star’.

What we do and why
Successful strategic planning demands effective workshop facilitation. This should not be a short discussion session as part of a fixed meeting agenda. We establish the conditions where everyone can co-create a compelling strategy with rigour and substance.

We facilitate an interactive and practical strategic planning workshop with bespoke content for your organisation.
We run pre-workshop interviews with core leaders to gather insight around your business – resulting in effective dialogue and stimulus for decision making.
We co-create a clear and compelling road map on what to do, by when, for whom and how. This is completed principally by us during the workshop with the final necessary details and decisions over to you.
We share stories and evidence of how different approaches have added value to a range of organisations; all stimulus for your strategic planning.
We facilitate sessions on ideas that can be implemented immediately that translate your strategy to tangible impact.
We’ll provide a team of facilitators to project manage your strategic planning process.

What you get
A robust strategic plan and vision for your leaders with dates, deliverables and deadlines. We support with check-in points at 30, 60 and 90 days.
A clear and elegant narrative for communicating your strategy effectively.
Aligned and rejuvenated leaders, fearlessly spearheading innovative ways of working that drives impact.

Designed and delivered culture change initiatives for Global Advertising Agency to increase commercial revenue, client reputation and engagement across the Middle East.
Impact = Client secures one of their largest ever client contracts 2016, Cannes Award Winner and named Dubai Lynx 2016 Network of the Year. All attributed to their aligned and implemented Vision & Strategy developed and supported over 2014-2015.