Who is it for?

Strategic Planning & Vision: CEO & EXCO, Business Heads, Project Sponsors and Senior Executives who are charged with the responsibility of establishing culture, strategy and direction in organisations.

Project Facilitation: Heads of Product, Brand or Function. We need access to budget holders and decision makers.

Teach: Global Heads of HR, Marketing, L&D and Talent. Those with responsibility of growing the skills and capability of your workforce.

It helps if change is something you find motivating and exciting.
We’re not for everyone so if we can’t talk about the day over a beer then let’s not bother.

How much does it cost?

The minimum investment in our offer is £16,845 fee for a ready to go training workshop day.

How long do projects take?

Typically projects involve a handful of interventions spread over 2-3 weeks. Strategic Planning & Vision sessions and our teach products are a few days – see each separately for details.

Are you a marketing agency? Do you do advertising, brand planning or digital marketing?

NO, advertising, brand planning and digital marketing agencies do that.

Can you deliver conference dinner motivational speaking?

And what business lessons come from the men’s canoe 4th place near bronze medal winner in the ’92 Olympics, exactly?

Do you do team building away days.

No. Please don’t spend your money on that.

Do you do coaching?

Not our skill-set. Love yourself more.  

Is this the real life?

Is this just fantasy?