We facilitate the creative process by running projects with you.

We provide exceptional project facilitation that delivers elegant solutions and commercial impact for your business. We facilitate a suite of creative project workshops for those who find change and innovative thinking exciting. We engage with your teams and your projects from the very beginning and step back when you are ready to take ownership.

SCOPING Secure a clear and compelling project brief and a deliverable plan.

HOW: Time with decision-makers to get aligned and energised about the ambition of the brief, establish success criteria and agree final project facilitation plan. SCOPING is a prerequisite workshop to all project commissions.

SCOPING + INSIGHT A fully scoped brief and multiple INSIGHT platforms that are ready for your ideas.

HOW: Analysis of data and research. We provoke participants by exploring alternative stimulus. Incubation periods and consumer safaris develop deeper thinking. We complete the INSIGHT stage by landing compelling INSIGHT platforms that inspire IDEAS.

SCOPING + INSIGHT + IDEAS A fully scoped brief and abundant INSIGHT based IDEAS.

HOW: We facilitate INSIGHT-based creative sessions to capture fresh thinking and starter ideas. We follow up with further creative facilitation and support to build on a core number of ideas that fit the agreed brief from the SCOPING phase.

SCOPING + INSIGHT + IDEAS + IMPLEMENTATION A series of creative workshops that deliver an end-to-end facilitated project.

HOW: Follow-up support and stakeholder management to embed your new ideas. Facilitated sessions to agree the necessary planning, action and investment needed to support IMPLEMENTATION with support at 30, 60 and 90 days.

Project Facilitation Outputs
Elegant solutions generated by your people, which excite.
Participant clarity on what happened, how and why.
Elevated participant engagement, having been co-contributors to the creative process.
Time saved. Our workshops operate at pace.
Tangible output that if implemented yields commercial impact.

PROJECT FACILITATION – quick case study
Facilitated insight led creative sessions to generate new propositions and localised btl marketing offers in Singapore for a Global Bank.
Impact = 122% increase in card spend over a 6 month period. This included a cost saving impact, as the bank successfully repeated the offer as part of their strategic planning for an additional 6 months, eliminating Ad Agency fees.

Our design and delivery
Our creative thinking process approach is built on a familiar four stage process that’s emerged from industrial design thinking over the last few decades.

Although linear in design, the creative thinking process is flexible and dynamic, allowing facilitators and participants to explore the elements of the process at different times to generate output.

By following this method, project teams benefit from consistent language that communicates to the wider business the project status at any moment. Simultaneously, individual project members acquire tools and behaviours at each stage that accelerate thinking and stimulate new connections.

What differentiates our offer is our style of facilitation that brings the process to life employing metaphors, visuals, film and practical exercises.

Genius Box pioneer new tools and creative thinking techniques as part of our delivery. We co-create content with our clients as part of planning workshops.
Bespoke interventions and tools form part of project workshop facilitation. We use examples, language and stories that resonate for each client within their business discipline.
Our creative thinking techniques have helped unlock new ideas for Banking, Pharma, FMCG and Technology. These techniques are easy to adopt, simple to use and once practised, significantly grow capability in your people.

Workshop facilitation
We are not meeting facilitators. We do not facilitate other peoples’ content. We design and deliver creative workshops that get your people solving business challenges. These workshops are for designed for strategic planning or internal or consumer challenges.

Common to all our project workshop facilitation is the SCOPING phase where we explore the ambition of your project brief. Defining the parameters of any project brief is critical to successful implementation. We spend time with stakeholders and project participants on what’s expected from the project and understanding the context behind the challenge to be solved.

Part of the scoping phase is co-creating the necessary stages of the process to answer the project brief. We are commissioned for insight projects, insight & ideas projects and for the facilitation of the complete process.

We charge a fixed fee for the first SCOPING phase.