Putting insight at the heart of Retail Banking.

The Need

Develop long term insight capability within business and marketing teams. The programme will be sponsored at Group Level with executions delivered in key markets including Asia Pacific, Hong Kong, North America, LatAm, Europe and London.

The Solution

The design and delivery of an intense 5-day Insight Boot-camp. New methodology, tools, behaviours and skills developed specifically for the bank allowed participants to translate big data into differentiated customer insights. The process needed to be adopted as part of forthcoming AOP and drive changes to internal structures.
There were 9 global interventions, delivered to 500+ participants across 12 major RBWM markets.


ALL participants stated an uplift in confidence and ability to translate information into consumer insights. The overall average gain in percentage between pre and post ability intervention scores = 23.81 (24%). In learning and development terms – that’s huge! The greatest uplift between pre and post scores (35.99%) was in response to “I’ve got the confidence and tools to explore insight projects as part of my work.” And as a result, where supported, participants have translated the new methodology to below, through and above the line marketing campaigns. An average of 40 internal structural changes were co-created in each market and upwards of 50+ consumer based ideas per region in response to live retail banking challenges. Current executions in local marketing activation, product offers and online content relate to the implemented strategy & process.