Creating marketing capability through small fires and grass roots activation.

The Need

Develop internal facilitators of the Red Bull ‘Funnel’ innovation process who can design and deliver creative sessions that generate locally relevant brand building events and ideas.

The Solution

A long term global partnership nurtured over several years. Genius Box has delivered a series of Boot-camp Workshops where participants co-facilitate ideas sessions. Participants work through the creative process, receive personalised feedback on their facilitation style and develop personal action plans to translate their learning to projects in the Annual Business Planning cycle.


Many of the global events Red Bull are famed for now have stemmed from local country ‘small fire’ ideas, whose teams use the co-creation ideas process, tools and facilitation techniques from our funnel training. From its infancy, Red Bull reported a calculated a jump of 53 to 651 ideas in the first year of implementation and a 23% rise in the volume of quality ideas chosen to go through to execution stage. The photo you see for this story captures a ‘magic carpet’ idea, that later became Shakh Carpet held in the Azerbaijan Mountains. Proof that Premium Facilitation is at the heart of a well invested creative process; it gives you wiiings!