Align and unite our CEO and leadership team on an inspiring strategy.

The Need

Create a strategic vision and leadership mission to deliver differentiated offerings, commercial impact and tangible changes in the working environment for Dubai and the Middle East.

The Solution

We co-created strategy project that was designed and delivered in 3 Strategic Planning & Vision Workshops across the Middle East designed for increasing numbers of participants at each intervention. In short, start with the senior leaders, align and excite them and get those leaders to energise their people about the future and what was expected of them.
3 day intervention in Jordan for CEO and Leadership team.
1 day follow up in Dubai 6 months later.
3 day workshop in Cyprus for the 70 managerial staff.

Impact For Client

Co-created an operating strategy that generated excitement and energy across the agency.
Tribal village culture reflected in transformed physical space in HQ and regional offices
Regional ‘MESH Tour’ to embed new working standards, operating model and behaviours.
Some are even saying the translation of the vision led to the client winning their largest advertising contract ever, picking up a couple of awards at Cannes Advertising Festival and being awarded “Network of the Year” by Dubai Lynx 2016. Genius.