017 : Projectors and PowerPoints

Many of you love projectors.

The amazing tool allowing you to blow up large scale visuals, photos and images. Everyone in the room can see what you’re passionate about. The projection provides you an awesome, epic stage and back drop to make your point and help people learn.

But so many people (who should know better) use the ‘more is more’ approach and cram as much detail as they can on the slides making it impossible for your audience to process all the information in the time allowed. Unless you can speed read like Neo from the Matrix or the Johnny 5 robot, stick to photos and graphics and no words AT ALL.

Similarly, when you stand in front of your projector you become a wobbly wall creating a dreadful distraction. Your hands are lost in the projection making it hard to see what you’re pointing out. The bulb blinds you in the eye (to which you make a silly comment as if it were a surprise) and your body casts a shocking silhouette on your hard work blocking out all content.


Don’t do it.