006 : not slower. not louder.

Not Slower. Not Louder.

I have a good friend who tells me he went to his son’s school open evening to meet the teachers, see the pupils work, and ask questions and so on. The evening began with a formal address from the Head Teacher to the parents in the school hall. The Head took a few questions. One parent asked about the curriculum. The Head answered, but the parent asked if she could explain again as the answer didn’t make sense to her. Whereupon the Head simply said exactly the SAME thing only slower and louder.

Well that clears that up then.

If your first explanation didn’t make sense, repeating might work if it’s an instruction. If you’re a parent or a sports coach you’ll know this scenario: “With your left hand, no your LEFT hand… no, your OTHER left hand!” ‘Left’ works when there is the context of ‘right’. The term ‘left’ is something likely to be known in prior knowledge that can be recalled if given enough hints. So slower and louder can work in some instances. It works in layered learning situations and when time between previous lesson knowledge and present is short.

But a request from a new adult audience to repeat information again is because either you shared too much and people couldn’t keep up OR your explanation wasn’t very good to start with.

Use other words.

You’ve many thousands to choose from.

The slower and louder approach doesn’t always win.