002 : Loading. Less is more

Stick to ONE instruction at a time.

Piling on instruction distracts your project participants from the task in hand. For example: “Take this platform and use these 3 steps to arrive at 2 starter ideas” is better than, “Take this platform and use these 3 steps to arrive at 2 starter ideas for the campaign. Then after lunch we’ll then share your suggestions with the other groups and then have an ideas session next and a session in the afternoon to narrow the ideas down to a winning three. Your group will develop one of those executions.” I’ve seen things like that happen.

It’s the facilitator’s job to hold the project journey in his or her head and over time brief in the participants to solve the problem step by step.

Giving too much away can stifle the creative process or worse still, people will crush starter ideas too soon as they start judging their output too early. Explaining all the process in one go isn’t your job. My first driving lesson was reverse gear and clutch, first gear and clutch. That was it. In the context of a 10 day course, it was a given there was more to learn in lesson two. Lay-off the instructions, take stuff out and stick to one instruction at a time.